The following servers are provided and managed by noVI.
If you want to play on our servers, just obey these simple rules:

  • No cheating!
  • Respect each other! (Insulting will lead to mute or kick!)
  • … and have fun together!

To connect, choose the server from the in-game server list or type:
/connect <hostname> <port>, e.g.: /connect 1234

Name Sauer Edition Hostname Port Purpose
C  A  L  M    P  A  R  K Collect 1234 Public insta ctf
|noVI: Old Skool Justice 1337 Public insta ctf
M A P  P A R K Collect 10000 Public custom maps *
S K U L L  P A R K Collect 20000 Public insta collect
|noVI: underground Collect 28785 (default) Clan wars and training
H I D E  P A R K Justice 30000 Public hide&seek

* Get the map pack and extract it to your sauerbraten map folder in order to join the games!