As a rule of thumb, we’ll define members not seen in at least 2 places, like ingame, on IRC (bouncers don’t count), Mumble or forum for more than 4 weeks as inactive, and after half a year as lost in action. Members who left noVI or got thrown out are listed as former members. If you think there is someone listed in the wrong category or missing, please contact pureascii!

Active members:
Luffy miu pix Tagger
Inactive members:
Alli(gatoah) Confused(Cat) hircalen jkr
pureascii savanha Skytten
Members lost in action:
666 Aachen arandesh Bader
buddhito COOKIE!! Coven DarkStar
Divine Djoh iamok LoveForEver
Laika NERD Queen ro0d
slevin X35 Zimtstern zuse
Former members:
johnnyboy (Founder) Crivens! daftpunk
elPrez(idente) Fury Hosenjack Jaunty
Joran %m pyro syox